Beyond Digital Academy      

Education through technology is changing the world as we know it.  The Beyond Digital Academy allows our students to access a platform where they study not only their chosen course but also get access to their support mentor. 

It allows them access to course content that is the start to their journey of transformation through education. Their course is pre-downloaded with support materials, workbooks, inspiration, & online tools. 

Courses vary in vocational skills and through our rigorous application process, we help the student decide on the area most suited to them and one with high growth potential.

Many of our survivors have suffered extreme abuse and so we also focus on helping them to train their mindset. 

We give them access to our very own meditation course and teacher so that their mind is also being looked after and loved:)

We believe that mindset is EVERYTHING and our online tools are there to create the most positive and inspired one we can help create. 

Students study online over a period of 3 months, getting them ready for their in-person training with The Beyond Dream-camp!