About Beyond Skin Foundation

Our unshakable belief is that we can and will change the world for women in need in India.

Lola and her team of dreamers, builders and warriors have come together to create lasting change using the power of technology and teaching skills that actually creates real change 

Our core belief that we are completely united by, is that circumstances can be changed through education & mentoring. We believe that every woman has a right to lead her life according to her dreams and aspirations.  We are led by a relentless pursuit to give opportunity to survivors so that they can completely change their life forever.  

Our tribe is dedicated to each survivor that needs our help.  Our focus is on lasting extraordinary change and one that promotes giving back.  The domino effect that we create means that not just individuals experience greatness, but also those around them. 

Our survivors help others who are ready to re-invent and grow. This impact creates communities who grow together with entire families changed by the support of Beyond Skin and our tribe members.  We are so proud of what we do and our students who are brave enough to step forward and start this journey with us.